Q. What is the goal of our on line program?

A. The on line programs are designed to be interactive. Writing back and forth between students and a teacher in friendly, informal atmosphere, with questions, answers, hints and advice from teachers and others enrolled in the class. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn to formulate their ideas, which is a major step toward understanding ideas.

The goal of this program is to present a challenge, to develop creativity and curiosity, enjoyment of learning for any subject, whether it is music, math, chess or Russian. Our goal is to make it possible for everyone to access high quality education in the convenience of their home.

Q. What is a course?

A. A course consists of 8-10 lessons and is intended to last for 8-10 weeks (each week a new lesson is posted on the Web). Each course is scheduled to start on a specified date, that all students can study the same lesson together. New lessons are posted each week on an assigned day of the week. Each course is designed for specific age groups, most of the courses are split into sections for grades 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9.

Q. What is a lesson?

A. A lesson is a basic unit of the course. Each lesson is designed to cover a particular topic - such as "Combinatorics" in Math, or "Instrumentation" in Music.
In each lesson a teacher posts a lesson - a topic presentation, explanation, examples, home assignments, reference to a textbook, video or audio links - on a virtual black board. A student should prepare home assignment and send it back to a teacher. A teacher checks the homework and reply to a student. An essential part of a lesson is a discussion board. Teachers post general comments on discussion board to stimulate discussion of a topic among the students. Each student is expected to participate in common discussion and receive feedback from his/her classmates and a teacher. The goal of the teacher is to ensure the understanding of the concepts, to discuss the most difficult problems, and to check and comment on the Discussion Board comments.
The teacher also serves as a moderator for the discussion board – he or she can choose a particular student's response for posting on the board and use it to illustrate a teaching point and to elicit discussion with other students.

Q. How does a virtual classroom differ from a 'real-life' classroom?

A. In a regular school classroom, the teacher explains new material in a lesson, and gives a home assignment. In our on line classroom, the teacher communication with the students is through writing. There are many advantages of such type of studying: students could “enter” the class at their convenience, at any time of a day, a student could ask as many questions as he/she needs and get a reply from their on line teacher every day (there is no limit for questions). On the virtual blackboard, a students can post the question and read a teacher’s explanation, and also read the classmates questions and teacher’s reply to them. Thus, our students learn from the teacher, as well as from each other through writing back and forth questions and answers.

Q. How to enroll in SchoolPlus On line program?

A. For full access to courses you'll need to take a minute to create a new account for yourself on this web site. Below are the steps to creating your SchoolPlus On line account:

1. On the front page at the right upper corner, click on "Create a New Account".
You will need to create a user name and password to log in.

2. Please supply some information about yourself, and fill out the "New Account form".

3. Once an account has been created, an email will be sent to your email

4. Read your email and click on the web link it contains.

5. You will see that your “Registration has been confirmed.”

6. Choose the course you want to participate in and pay through PayPal. (The Math Olympiad training course is free for current School Plus students from all locations in New Jersey and New York).

7. Congratulations, you can now access the course! From now on, you will only
need to enter your personal user name and password to log in to access the
course you have enrolled in.

Q. How to pay?

Most courses are composed of ten or 20 lessons. The cost of ONE lesson in any category is $15.00. For payment options all the courses may be paid as a three (four)-lesson block unless you plan to pay for the whole course.

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