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The Online Distance Learning Program at SchoolPlus presents K-12th students with an alternative, refreshing perspective on familiar subjects. Our program seeks to supplement the diet of the basic school curriculum, and thereby, enhance the students' performance in the classroom and give them the confidence and desire to explore beyond.

Enrichment Mathematics for K-9th students will introduce students to non routine, mind-stimulating problems, which can't be solved without original insight. In this respect, our approach differs from the conventional "algorithm-based", "learning-by-imitation" model.

Russian is specifically designed for kids who speak and study mostly on different than Russian language, but their family is Russian speaking.

Chess for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Our chess masters are world class chess players with great teaching experience.

English courses are designed to facilitate each student's ability to interpret, comprehend, and apply information that will be presented in various formats. The objective is to strengthen each student's mastery of the English language and to prepare each student for the SAT and other English language exams. Lessons will focus on improving reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

SchoolPlus provides also after school and weekend enrichment programs in different branches in the states of New Jersey (New Brunswick, Teaneck, Princeton, Jersey City) and New York (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn). See more information on www.school-plus.com

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