Running an enrichment mathematics program for 11 years now, and holding various Olympiads every year, has given us some insights we’d like to share with you.
We suggest to begin each problem by asking a child to explain clearly, verbally, exactly what it is he or she is being asked to find. Then encourage kids to to follow their instincts, try different approaches, and see what works or doesn’t. Kids shouldn’t feel badly if they try an approach that doesn’t work. Trying things out is the way to learn, and overcoming inhibitions is especially important for kids new to Olympiads.

The goal of this class is to help children learn to solve mathematics problems that are really ingenuous. And not only to solve them, but to become enthusiastic, excited and determined to find the answer to these clever problems. Mathematics requires precision; the answer is either right or wrong. But there are many routes to the precise mathematical answer, and many mathematical insights and strategies that can help kids exercise all their natural curiosity, intuition and knowledge to get the right solution.

During this course, we’ll introduce kids to a variety of topics that will involve using different strategies and approaches.

Look again at the latest MOEMS's contest, choose the following problem

What is the sum?
81 + 18 + 72 + 27 + 63 + 36 + 54 + 45 + 4

You can be sure that an Olympiad problem isn’t just seeing if a kid can add a column of numbers. If kids realize that the numbers can be combined into sums of 99, for example, instead of adding up the numbers one by one, the problem becomes more interesting and easier to solve. We’d ask kids to develop as many strategies as possible to solve this “simple” problem. Dear parents and students! Welcome to School Plus online Math Olympiads training course!

To get idea of what the lessons are, please check out the Demo Lesson.

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