Before we start to build on our math facts students need to really understand the laws of arithmetic. This program teaches operations with whole numbers, fractions and decimals in a systematic way. It shows that basically the rules of arithmetic are universal. The program provides students with many non-routine, multi-step arithmetic problems. Different methods of solving various kinds of word problems are discussed. In addition to Arithmetic, there are some exciting topics such as Combinatorics, Pigeonhole principle and logic problems. You might find the lessons in the Geometry section particularly interesting. Students learn to use logic, geometric facts and calculations.

This program is targeted to 4th grade students and it is aligned with focal points of Standards for School Mathematics developed by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). 

There are 20 lessons in this course.

To get idea of what the lessons are, please check out the  Demo Lesson
If you'd like to register for the course, please click on Enrollment .   You have payments options: pay for 10 lessons at once (choose Lessons 1-10)or for 3 lessons (choose Lessons 1, 2, 3.)

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