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Welcome to Music Critics Club !

Before you begin: Please have a notebook ready when you begin this course. It will be very helpful to jot down your ideas as you progress through the lessons. This will help you organize your thoughts before you submit your answers. Also, as the course proceeds, I may refer to previous lessons. If you have kept an organized notebook you will easily be able to refer to your previous work.

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As a music critic we need to be knowledgeable of all the different elements of a musical work. Each week we will focus on one or more of these elements.

This week's topic: Instrumentation

What is instrumentation?
-The particular instruments used in a piece of music; the manner in which a piece is arranged for instruments

The following lesson consists of four sections. After you submit your answers in a section, you will automatically be directed to the next section. Click on the lesson below to begin.

John Mayer is a singer, composer and guitarist. He was born in 1977. In the past few years he has become one of the biggest pop stars in the country.


1) Click on the link below and watch the video of John Mayer and his band performing live. Focus on identifying all the instruments you see. Take notes in your notebook as you watch.

2) Watch the video a second time; this time with you eyes closed. Focus on identifying all the instruments you hear. As you listen, you may open your eyes to write down in your notebook ONLY the the instruments you can hear (do not look at the screen). No peeking!

3) If you are listening on your computer speakers, try listening with a set of headphones. Do you hear anything different? Do you hear any instruments that you didn't hear before? If so, describe the difference. Write your thoughts in your notebook.

*Questions 1-3 should be completed in your notebook.

4) Review your notes for questions 1-3. Below, submit a short paragraph describing your experience as you both watched and listened to the video. Be sure to include similarities and differences between what you saw and what you heard. Once you have submitted your answer, you will be directed to the next section. 

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